Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Things You Didn't Know About The KDI!

(Warning: This Photo is a SPOILER ALERT for the #1 Thing You Didn't Know!)

#10: The staff here clocks their hours by a tech savvy fingerprint machine...Yes, our definition is not too technical, but we believe it is used by the CIA and to get up to Coach Krzyzewski's personal office.

#9: All of our tea pots at the Inn have been inherited from friends and family of the innkeepers. We particularly love the ones Colin's grandmother donated!

#8: You know we wear aprons often (see Apron Nation blogs), but our very own Susan has created over 10 custom aprons for the Inn. They are even personally designed for each staff member taking into account their height, needs and personal style!

#7: We can arrange a private dinner for 2 in your room. Recently, we had local celebrity chef Shane Ingram of Four Square Restaurant cater a 6 course meal for a couple who rented the Trinity Suite for the evening. They were able to relax in the comfort of their room and enjoy delicious food on the suite's sun porch! Interested or would like to drop a major hint to your significant other? No problem! We are happy to work out the details.

#6: We have over 15 different types snacks and beverages complimentary for all our overnight guests.

#5: All our wines are from sustainable vineyards. We focus on green practices here and we extend that to all aspects of the Inn. Shout out to our favorite wine rep, Zavi!

#4: The Inn was the first all Apple Computer hotel in America! We have mini mac computers in every room. Not too shabby, huh?

#3: We have one of the biggest rain gardens in Durham county!

#2: The Inn has had 22 weddings in the last 52 weeks! That is a lot of happy couples!

The Innkeepers are eating the delicious apricot, cherry pie that was
baked today for dinner!
Calorie FREE!