Monday, August 1, 2011

Extreme Inn Makeover: Brodie Duke Hall!

"Demolition is a girl's best friend" according to Deanna. Most would believe a room renovation takes several months of work and stress to complete. While there was a little bit of stress, we did not have much time in between meetings, weddings and other social events, so we went a super speed! With Deanna as the boss lady, the work was done quickly and efficiently. It was all work and no play.

As you can see above, we lovingly cut out the horrendous column in the middle of the room. This will help tremendously with our business meetings and have added a LCD projector in addition to our 52" inch flat screens.

The room will also be much better for dance floors! We have a bride renting some fantastic lounge furniture and a 12' x 12' dance floor courtesy of American Party Rentals. Add a DJ, small band or an IPOD and dance the night away.

The final renovation was STORAGE! Yes, we have a lot of square footage at the Inn, but not many closets to store the necessities! We are so excited to have an organized area for linens, toiletries and Colin is so happy to have a spot to store all our audio/visual technology!