Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ginger Ale Process

Colin funneling the ginger ale into our containers....

Our resident mixologist, Colin, has been hard at work creating the Inn's signature homemade ginger ale. YES! You can make ginger ale from scratch...it does not just come from a Schweppes bottle. It is similar to a mid-20's male's epiphany that chocolate chip cookies can be made with flour and sugar, not just out of the freezer... SIDE NOTE: If you are a male in your 20's or have been in your 20's and KNEW you can make cookies from scratch! Kudos and my apologies...but most (in my personal experience) do not.

The process begins with the tedious task of peeling 30 pounds of imported ginger. While our fingers still have blisters (there is no workers comp for this...I checked), we had to push through and continue on to the next step. This is where Colin takes on the majority of the project. He grinds the ginger in an industrial juicer and extracts the ginger juice.

Then the chemistry begins! The juice gets boiled down with Colin's secret ingredients to make the perfect ginger ale syrup. Mix that with carbonated water (or Perrier) and you have your old fashioned soda fountain ginger ale!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weddings Galore!

It has been a busy wedding season here at the Inn. From March to June and then September to November, we have a plethora of couples that host their nuptials at our venue. It is always a joy to welcome close family and friends from all over the world to spend time with the couple. This year we have had people travel from Honduras, India, England and China to attend weddings at the Inn.

Above is a photo of Shelley and Michael (one of our all time favorite couples). They had one of the most beautiful weddings and were truly happy to be together here at the Inn. Their ceremony kiss photo is absolutely breathtaking (thanks to Penny Noell Photography). It is special moments like this that we believe make the Inn magical and truly unique. The King's Daughters Inn has created an intimate atmosphere in one of the most historic and enchanting areas of the Bull City and the Inn wants to share that with your closest family and friends.
We believe it is the perfect setting to celebrate life, love and a "happily ever after".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apron Nation Pt. 6

Elizabeth chose the "Wine a bit, you'll feel better" apron. She is the newest addition to our staff. Truth be told, Elizabeth just had a beautiful baby and is not drinking right now. Therefore, we have given her a free pass to actually whine (if need be)! When she is not cheering on the Mexico national soccer team (she drove to Charlotte a couple of weeks ago to see them play), she is a huge asset to the Inn. With a resilient "GOOD MORNING" or "HOLA", she is always cheerful and awake in the early hours (unlike some of us: See Colin's Bio...or mine).

Friday, June 10, 2011

Apron Nation Pt.5

This is the wonderful and talented, Susan. She is by far the most organized staff member and will rearrange, clean or throw out anything that gets left for 2.5 seconds. Unlike some of the staff members (Colin: See Pt.4), Susan loves to wear aprons. In fact, she got bored of the Inn's aprons and decided to create her own! She has recently started her own apron and table runner line, Run Susan Run, on Etsy. Check out all her fabulousness!

In addition to her creativity, she loves Durham. You will frequently find her behind the reservation desk giving directions to DPAC, recommending the newest restaurant in town or suggesting fun activities in and around the Bull City. We love Thursdays because we know Susan will be here the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apron Nation Pt.4

"The Cook is Hot" apron is reserved for Colin. As one of the Innkeepers (Deanna's husband), he is considered the night owl of the staff. While Deanna wakes up (and cooks breakfast), Colin stays up late greeting late night check ins, mixing cocktails and recommending local dinner hot spots. Known for his dry humor, Colin is a man of many talents. He can fix almost anything at the Inn, knows way more about technology than most people and has an interest (or obsession) in the trendy cooking art form: molecular gastronomy.

While he doesn't cook all that much at the Inn, you have a couple of his homemade cocktails and you will be convinced he is a cook and very hot.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apron Nation Pt.3

This is Samantha (me). As I sit and attempt to write about myself, I find it difficult to explain what I do at the Inn. While I am technically the marketing director and event coordinator (the owners have nicknamed me "the bride whisperer"), I feel my main job is being the comic relief at the Inn. There can be some crazy days here and while everyone on staff has had their share of bad days, sometimes it's nice for someone to find a funny youtube video, create glasses out of pipe cleaners or bust out in the chicken dance. And, yes, I have done all of those things shamelessly.

In addition to my duties of being the "crazy one", I work on all the special events at the Inn. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday or wedding, it is a wonderful feeling to make someone's special moment perfect and memorable. My favorite memories are sharing all of life's simple pleasures (good food, delightful wine and lots of laughs) with family and friends and I strive to pass that along to others.

The marketing side involves a whole lot of me giving free nights away at the Inn...so be nice to me!