Monday, August 29, 2011

Planes, Trains & Zip Cars?

We are EXTREMELY excited to introduce to you the ZIP CAR!

Many of our guests travel from all over the world and grab a taxi from the airport. While we do have 49 restaurants within a half mile, Duke University is across the street and shopping is right down the road, some people would like to take a day trip to Chapel Hill or get to a business meeting in Research Triangle Park.

For just $8.00/hour, guests are able to rent the zip car to run errands or attend meetings. The cars are parked next to the Inn and are available upon request. For more details, check out

Friday, August 26, 2011

From the Pacific to the Atlantic

We have brought a little bit of the west coast home to the Inn. Did you know that Deanna is from the great state of California?

We have recently come into possession of California poppy seeds (the state flower) straight from the garden of Sharry Massey. She harvests the seeds every year from the poppies that grow wild in her garden and since her daughter, Susan works here, she wanted to send along a little piece of home.

Deanna planted them this afternoon in a few spots that have different sun and moisture conditions hoping to find a spot that they will be happy in. We are excited to soon see the poppies sprouting and brightening up the Inn with their sunny orange blooms.