Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be Our Guest: Concierge Services.

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While many large hotels and convention centers have "concierge desks", the Inn also has concierge services. We may not have an assigned desk, but we take pride in knowing the tried and true as well as hot and new things to do in Durham! 
 Not only can we help you with directions, we are happy to give you a full outline of concierge services. 

Would you like chocolate covered strawberries at check in? We can do that....

Would you like a floral arrangement? We can do that too!

Add to the laundry list of services we can arrange:
Create a Personalized Itinerary for Your Stay
In-Room Wine Service
In-Room Massages
Personalized Birthday Cakes
Recommend and Make Dinner Reservations
Make Town Car or Limo Arrangements

We also have several packages that contain many of these options. 

Check them out here.

Or if you just want a suggestion on where to get a good sandwich (Toast, The Federal or Old Havana Sandwich Shop) or a place to ride our complimentary bikes (American Tobacco Trail), we can help you out with that too!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Cookery: Sassy Space, Fabulous Food.

The owners of The Cookery have bacon priorities & we appreciate that!
I had the opportunity to visit The Cookery (.5 miles from the Inn). Many may have heard of the fantastic kitchens of the Cookery. They are the home base for several of your favorite food trucks (Chirba Chirba Dumplings & Pie Pushers). Other start up catering companies have began their services at the state-of-the-art kitchen including one of our favorites, Extravagant Fare.

The exciting news is that The Cookery will be opening an event space called The Front Room! The space channels a Restoration Hardware feel utilizing the exposed brick and rustic hardware, but they actually recycled many of the materials and created a custom bar, refurbished floors and great wood ceiling beams for hanging draping, lighting or lanterns. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this place will pair perfectly for the Inn! A large wedding can reserve the Inn for their overnight guests and then the big bash can be a short hop, skip and jump away. Stay tuned for more information in our endevours together!

Make sure you go to their Grand Opening on September 15th!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Readers at the Ready?!

Photo by ltd-clan.com
 We love to tell you about our adventures at the Inn, but we are slowly realizing that it is rude to not ask anything about you (the reader!).

So in order learn a little bit more about you, fill in the below quiz under our comments!

All who respond to the quiz will be in the running to win A FREE NIGHT STAY!

Best Summer Night in Durham:
Your "Go To" Vacation Spot:
Breakfast Item You Can NOT Live Without:
Most Lovely Hotel Stay:
One thing you want to do or tackle this Autumn:

Here are my (Samantha's) answers and Deanna's answers...We can't wait to hear from you!

Best Summer Night in Durham:  
Walking from my NEW downtown apartment to Chubby's Tacos and then stopping off at Alivia's for a post-Mexican beer to watch the Olympic's Closing Ceremonies (Spice Girls Reunited!).
Your "Go To" Vacation Spot:  
Edisto Island, SC. My family lives there and it just feels like home 
and vacation all wrapped into one.
Breakfast Item You Can NOT Live Without:  
COFFEE. The Inn has the best!
Most Lovely Hotel Stay:  
Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in Quebec, Cananda. I was 15 and did not appreciate it's pure beauty! Sorry Mom!
One thing you want to do or tackle this Autumn: 
Get back into my beloved routine! Moving is always a pain!

Best Summer Night in Durham:
Tough choice!  SO many great things to do in Durham!  For a quiet night, dinner on the porch at Four Square.  For a more lively time, walking down Main St popping into all the great pubs, listening to great live music, and snacks on fabulous food!
Your "Go To" Vacation Spot:
Vacation?  What's that??  We try to sneak away for a couple nights to Charlotte to visit our puppies and see my nieces and nephew and catch up with the family.
Breakfast Item You Can NOT Live Without:

BACON!  Don't know what we'd do without bacon!  Bacon makes everything better...
Most Lovely Hotel Stay:
Gran Hotel Ancira in Monterrey, Mexico.  They had wonderful, warm staff, great historic feel and property, and a great location.
One thing you want to do or tackle this Autumn:
Learn Spanish!  I started last year but didn't follow through...Como estas?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The King's Daughters Inn Durham Destination Wedding!

When I met Tamika & John, I instantly connected with them about the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. My hometown and their current town, we chatted about where they lived and how great the city is! While Philly is lovely, Tamika & John were looking to get out of the city heat in July and find a destination venue to spend some quality time with family and friends and celebrate their marriage!
Photography by the brilliant brainchild: Joe Payne Photography
Cue The King's Daughters Inn! With the help of Philadelphia wedding planner, William Alston, we worked together to create a destination wedding to remember. Using great Triangle talents for flowers, photography, food and styling, the day was everything Tamika & John had hoped for. 
The Trinity Suite has so many photo ops! 
Photography by Joe Payne Photography & Make Up by Mary Giagnacova
Photography by Joe Payne Photography

  The ladies of Tre Bella Flowers created this gorgeous bouquet and 
Joe made our piano look snazzy!
Photography by Joe Payne Photography

Photography by Joe Payne Photography
The ceremony was held in the parlor among close family and friends.

Photography by Joe Payne Photography
Dinner was provided by Rocky Top Catering
The wedding cake was provided by Sweet Memories Bakery.

Photography by Joe Payne Photography
Photography by Joe Payne Photography
Photography by Joe Payne Photography
The Brodie Duke Hall was decked out with a dance floor, DJ and candy bar!

Photography provided by Joe Payne Photography

Photography provided by Joe Payne Photography

Photography provided by Joe Payne Photography

Tamika & John: Thank you for sharing your special day with us!  
You will always remember, Destination: Durham!
A note from the Planner:  
"From a planner's perspective, destination celebrations are always a leap of faith as you are usually unfamiliar with the local culture of the chosen venue. The inability to physically put your hands where you think they need to be leads to levels of anxiety & frustration beyond belief. KDI helps to calm those fears via their events coordinator, Samantha Kozub. She was engaging & extremely knowledgeable of the local culture. Further, she provided great recommendations to local vendors (florist, party rentals, bakery, etc.). Each contact with her left me feeling more & more confident that the task at hand would be carried out without incident.
Upon arrival at the KDI on July 20, we were greeted by Deanna (one of the owners) who immediately began the check-in process. As the weekend progressed, she became my go to individual for any & all concerns. Her charming smile, accommodating personality & friendly disposition made it easy for me to talk to her. Other points of interest that are etched in the confines of my memory include the unique interior decor (do bring your camera), the hot made-to-order breakfast, the inviting front porch, the grand staircase and last but not least, the warm atmosphere that was experienced by all.

If you're looking for an intimate wedding venue or just an escape from the pressures of life, consider KDI. You're sure to depart from this place very well pleased, with a renewed spirit"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Duke: A Stone's Throw Away!

It's that time of year again! Back to school! This weekend as we were hosting a gorgeous wedding weekend for Gina & Cory, it seems that the university population was slowly trickling back into the Durham area. Large crowds of fresh faces (who don't make a single line if someone is walking the other way...still young!) lined 9th Street and Brightleaf Square. While many people know us as a luxury boutique Inn, many are surprised that we are literally a stone's throw away from East Campus where all Duke freshman live. Our porch looks at the green area and gazebo of the University! In fact, many that stay with us request the view of the campus (i.e. The Crews Room, Moss Room, Howerton Room or Woodard Room)

In the next several weeks, we will have many parents (both freshman and beyond) stay with us so that they can help their children move in. While it can be a tough day, these lucky parents can return to the Inn for some rest and relaxation.  In the morning, their university bound student can join them for a full hot breakfast (if they aren't ready to tackle the Dining Hall)! We are proud to have such strong ties with the University, the Student Affairs office among many other Duke departments recommend us for accommodations: http://studentaffairs.duke.edu/parents/visiting/lodging-and-accommodations

We wish all freshman and their families a swift and pain free move in this August!
For more information on how to tackle the first year at Duke, check out:

Welcome Class of 2017!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A "Not So Cinco de Mayo" Celebration

We joked with Brandon & Michael that there would be a surprise mariachi band on their May 5th nuptials. Alas, no one ordered sombreros or margaritas. Instead, Brandon and Michael planned a gorgeous ceremony and reception with beautiful music, delicious food and a house full of love and fun!

Nichole MacMonagle Lupton of Nichole Louise Photography
With help from wedding coordinator friend, Sam Freeman, the Inn was saturated with lovely accents of a light grassy green and a lemon meringue yellow. From the custom cake to the linens provided by CE Rentals, everything was perfectly coordinated.

Nichole MacMonagle Lupton of Nichole Louise Photography
Daniel's Restaurant worked their magic and provided an amazing meal for the guests.
Nichole MacMonagle Lupton of Nichole Louise Photography
Live acoustic guitar was played for the ceremony and during cocktail hour!

Nichole MacMonagle Lupton of Nichole Louise Photography
 We adored working with Brandon, Michael and their family & friends. We are so glad you chose the Inn to celebrate (and skipped the sombreros!).

Much happiness and joy to them as they move forward in life!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside?

Summer is winding down and many try to begin planning for the next several months. While it can be daunting, an advanced plan for the holidays always helps with the chaos that ensues during November and December. Here at the Inn, we want to make your holidays as enjoyable as possible. 

Whether we are hosting your corporate event, personal holiday party or you would like to make reservations for family and friends to be comfortable (we know housing 14 people in your home is not ideal!), The King's Daughters Inn wants all guests to cozy up and enjoy the warmth of the Inn during the holiday season. 

If you are a planner and want to get the ball rolling for the holiday season, we are offering 50% off event space rental during the week and 25% off event space on weekends in December 2012!*

Just think you could host a:

SKY (or snow) IS THE LIMIT!

*Not able to combine with other discounts or offers. Offer ends on September 15th, 2012!

For more information on events, 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Crossmans Take Vacation!

The innkeepers at the King's Daughters Inn entertain people from near and far on their vacations to Durham, but do you ever wonder if the innkeepers get a vacation? It is a rarity, but this past week Colin & Deanna were able to take a couple days away for themselves.  They enjoyed a few laid back days in Charlotte. Their activities included not making a full, hot breakfast in the morning, staying in pajamas all day long and enjoying 
some good wine, food & conversation 
(without having to check in a guest!).  

Above is Colin & Deanna taking the Light Rail in Charlotte to the Ritz-Carlton for cocktails!

Our staff is now well rested and ready to take on a fantastic Fall that is right around the corner!

Has anyone vacationed at the Inn? We would love to hear about!